Delivery & Return Policy

Delivery & Return Policy

Shipping & Delivery
  • Delivery dates acknowledged by HOLLY HUNT are non-binding estimates only based upon the best available information concerning factory lead times and transportation schedules. Therefore, products may be delivered on the date estimated, prior to the estimated date with the customer's approval or after the estimated date once the customer has been notified.
  • Estimated delivery dates will be deemed accepted by the customer unless customer objects in writing within seven (7) days of the receipt of the order confirmation.
  • Unless the customer requests in writing that partial delivery is needed and HOLLY HUNT approves the specific delivery schedule or that a single delivery of the entire order is required by the customer, HOLLY HUNT may await completion of the entire order and deliver all at once, or may make partial delivery from time-to-time at its sole discretion.
  • HOLLY HUNT is not responsible for delivery delays and/or partial or total no-completion of orders due to the following reasons:
    • Terms of payment not adhered to by customer.
    • Information reasonably requested by HOLLY HUNT is not received in a reasonable time.
    • Delays due to strikes or labor difficulties, failure due to delay of sources of supply, transportation problems, war, terrorism, act of any governmental authority or purchaser; accidents, fires, acts of God or any other causes beyond the control of HOLLY HUNT.
  • The customer is responsible for ensuring purchased products fit within their premises, verifying building access and all entry requirements. HOLLY HUNT sales associate can provide all relevant dimensions of the product. Customer will be responsible for walk ups to floors above ground level, additional time needed for out-of-the-ordinary circumstances, re-deliveries due to customer's inability to receive delivery per originally agreed upon schedule, and hoisting.
  • If customer selects their own freight carrier, freight claims must be filed directly with the selected carrier. HH is not responsible for a customer's own or third-party freight damage and claim.
  • All HOLLY HUNT textile orders specified for HOLLY HUNT COLLECTION furniture will be charged a £20 handling fee in lieu of textile freight. Furniture freight charges still apply.
  • Unless otherwise specified, orders are shipped via UPS Worldwide Saver. Freight charges must be paid in full before orders are released for shipping.
  • Each order that is shipped using an outside freight account or pickup will be charged a £20 handling fee.
  • International freight quotes are required for any shipments over 100 meters and orders shipping outside of the London metro area.
  • A £40 minimum freight charge applies to all Great Plains, Great Outdoors, and Holly Hunt Leather orders.
  • A £10 minimum freight charge applies to Great Plains Trim orders.
Receipt and Inspection of Product
  • Inspect the cartons or wooden crates carefully. Check to see if the ShockWatch™ and or Tip-N-Tell indicators are activated. If there is any visible damage to the packaging or the indicator is activated, note it on the BOL. Take photos of any damage to the packaging; this is required to resolve damage claims.
  • Inspect the HOLLY HUNT branded tape seal. If it is not intact or it is covered over, you should assume the package has been tampered with. Note this on the BOL.
  • Unpack the cartons or wooden crates. Inspect all merchandise carefully. Cartons and wooden rates should always be unpacked in your presence. NEVER discard original packaging until satisfied with the delivery.
  • If you are unable to inspect the merchandise at the time of receiving the shipment, note on the BOL that any concealed damage of boxed or crated products will be the responsibility of the carrier or the manufacturer as determined upon inspection of the products. HOLLY HUNT must be notified within 48 hours of any concealed damage that is found. Keep a copy of the BOL. Save the packaging material and take pictures of the damage.
  • Examine all wallcovering rolls upon receipt, verifying the pattern and colors before cutting.  Reference the hanging instructions accompanying each roll for additional pattern specific information.  Hang three (3) drops, then stop and inspect the product again.
  • Assemblage wallcovering ships rolled, but it cannot be stored rolled for more than two (2) weeks. To protect the quality of the product, this wallcovering should be installed within two (2) weeks of delivery.
  • When a customer requests delayed delivery on all or any part of an order beyond the delivery date that has been acknowledged, or when products are held by HOLLY HUNT because terms of payment are not adhered to, the order will be held free of charge for 48 hours. After that period, the customer will be invoiced for warehousing in an amount equal to no less than 2% per month of the invoice value of the products held by HOLLY HUNT with a minimum storage charge assessed by HOLLY HUNT at its sole discretion. At the same time, the customer will be invoiced for the products held by HOLLY HUNT.
Product Quality and In-Transit Damage Reporting 
  • All products are carefully inspected before delivery. Customers should similarly inspect all products at the time of delivery.
  • HOLLY HUNT shall not be liable for (even if caused by HOLLY HUNT's negligence) claims for shortage or delay in delivery unless sent by registered or certified letter or an email to the transporter and the HOLLY HUNT showroom of purchase within 48 hours of delivery.
  • Subject to such notice being provided HOLLY HUNT will, if it is reasonably satisfied that any products have not been delivered as a result of HOLLY HUNT's fault (in its sole discretion), either arrange for delivery as soon as reasonably possible or (where the price has been invoiced) give credit (at the pro-rate price of delivery) to the customer for such products.
  • Any shortage in or non-delivery of part of the products will not affect the order in respect of other products covered by the order.
  • All claims for errors and damage must be sent in writing to HOLLY HUNT by registered or certified letter or email to the HOLLY HUNT showroom of purchase within 48 hours of delivery. Any replacement order as a result of damage are subject to the same lead time conditions as specified above.


Return Policy

  • All product should be inspected upon receipt to verify goods are per order confirmation.
  • Returns must be authorized by HOLLY HUNT for refund, credit or exchange.
  • Merchandise returns without written approval by HOLLY HUNT will not be accepted and will be returned back to the shipper at their own expense.
  • Installed, altered or damaged product will not be accepted as a return. Including textiles that have been cut, treated, or processed.
  • Returns must be received to the designated location within 30 days of agreed upon return.
  • All returns are subject to a restocking fee of 25% of the NET value. Shipping or other fees are non-refundable.
  • Customer is responsible for return shipping fees.
  • Any product received after the 30 days or of a condition other than brand new, will not be accepted.
  • This return policy excludes customer service issues (i.e. product quality and in-transit freight damage issues).
  • All Custom orders are final sale and cannot be returned. All deposits are non-refundable.
Items Sold from the Floor
  • Floor samples, along with any items purchased at HOLLY HUNT OFF THE FLOOR Stamford, CT are considered final-sale items and cannot be returned.
Represented Vendors
  • Please reference the Represented Vendors return policy for process. Contact your local showroom for additional information.


Other Notes

  • Please do not attempt a return without first having obtained a HOLLY HUNT written authorization.HOLLY HUNT will not accept returns without prior written consent.
  • Returns must be handled in accordance with HOLLY HUNT's shipping instructions.
  • Returns for reasons other than valid HOLLY HUNT accepted claims will be subject to applicable handling & packaging, shipping, storage, and repair charges.
  • Please include the Sales Order Return Number with the returned product(s).
  • All orders are subject to the HOLLY HUNT Terms of Sale.