Holly Hunt, Our Founder

Our Founder

Holly Hunt

An interior design pioneer who defined what was next, refined the voice of modern luxury, and transformed the entire industry.

In 1983, Holly Hunt opened her first showroom in Chicago's Merchandise Mart. With a keen eye for detail, a passion for the arts, and an appreciation for architecture, Holly curated a global assortment of luxury furniture. The collections were thoughtfully presented in a gallery-like environment, reinventing the idea of what a showroom could be.

Within each new showroom environment, Holly combined architecture and furnishings in composed rooms and spaces, as stunning as the homes and workplaces for which they were designed. She went on to establish a design studio, which championed minimalism with a focus on impeccable materials, proportion, and craft. Her pursuit of precision and sophistication redefined American luxury interiors and elevated standards across the industry.

Celebrated for her discerning taste in creativity, artistry, and fine materials, Holly’s passion is to discover designers who consistently challenge the status quo. We continue to honor her vision by never resting on our laurels, always seeking inspiration and searching for the next luminous talents to add to our ever-evolving portfolio. These collaborations, alongside HOLLY HUNT's signature designs and collections, are, without exception, at once innovative and timeless.