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We’ve thrown our streamlined designs an elegant curve, creating softer silhouettes that impress from every angle. Sink into the Omura chair, take the Sumo chair or Roulette table for a spin, relax on the Rhone or Sumo sofa. These timeless pieces effortlessly adapt to life today.



Precious Metals Collection


Precious Metals Collection

Moss & Lam Tables

Our Newest Collaboration

Moss & Lam

The broad artistic and stylistic vocabulary of Moss & Lam embellishes and enriches the interiors of any design space. Established in 1987 by Deborah Moss and Edward Lam, the art studio features a team of highly skilled artisans creating art and objects that appeal to our desire for things that are imaginative, whimsical, beautiful and authentic. Led by creative director Moss, all their work is handcrafted using a wide range of materials, including plaster, paint and ceramic as well as wood, leather and textiles. Moss & Lam’s passion for material and form brings playful offerings to the HOLLY HUNT portfolio. 

HOLLY HUNT Wallcovering

Wondrous Walls

HOLLY HUNT Executive Creative Director, JoAnnah Kornak

Meet our Executive Creative Director

JoAnnah Kornak

“We recognize that the perception of luxury is ever-evolving and must adapt to today’s more casual lifestyle. Our latest collections show softer silhouettes, generous scale, inviting angles, and thoughtful details to enhance our everyday.”

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