PDP Soft Goods

Fusion: Porcelain

  • Design Carlisle & Co.
  • Composition
    Handmade non-woven with surface foil on non-woven
    91.5 cm (36.0 in) Pretrimmed
    Roll Size
    7.3 m (8.0 yd)
    Minimum Order
    7.3 m (8.0 yd)
Fusion Install
Fusion Porcelain

Handcrafted and Textural

  • Blending contemporary style with traditional craftsmanship, this wallcovering has a look that’s elegant, modern and artisanal.
  • Fusion’s translucent non-woven fibers are hand-folded to create a unique patterning that has been tipped with a surface foil.
  • Each available color has its own dazzling contrast and shows off Fusion’s incredibly unique character and texture.
Carlisle & Co. Wallcovering Surface Press


Carlisle & Co.

Carlisle & Co. delivers colors and patterns with a classic to modern look, designed to complement the HOLLY HUNT aesthetic. This collection merges handcrafted materials with a range of innovative production techniques, including printing on the world’s oldest surface printer.  Details like metallic foil underlays, and hand-applied fibers create stunning patterns and sophisticated backdrops.