Contour High Back Lounge Chair

Contour High Back Lounge Chair

Contour High Back Lounge Chair

Contour High Back Lounge Chair

  • The signature lines of the Contour High Back Lounge Chair’s sculpted frame grow organically upward, culminating in a dramatic headrest that spills over the back rail in an unbridled flourish.
  • A sumptuous and inviting seat is supported by our signature contour frame.
  • The Contour High Back is as striking viewed from the back as it is from the front.
Vladimir Kagan


Vladimir Kagan

Vladimir Kagan pioneered the enduring voice of midcentury modern design. A designer of not simply furniture but what he called “vessels to hold the human body,” Kagan joined the portfolio in 2016, personally entrusting his legacy to HOLLY HUNT. Kagan’s designs radiate his vitality and passion for discovery. Born in Worms, Germany in 1927, he emigrated to the U.S. at the age of 11, just before the dawn of WWII. From his father’s repeated admonishment “Ehre das Handwerk!” (“Honor the handcraft!”), Vladimir inherited an appreciation of artisan skill which, combined with his innovative design sensibility, was key to his success.

Dimensions & Details

Made to Order

Customizable options across size, material or finish - 10 to 12 weeks
Walnut Finishes with Upholstery
Overall Dimensions
84.0w | 97.0d | 94.0h cm
Seat Height
41.0 cm
Walnut Ebony | Walnut Natural


Sectional Options
Suitable for contract use
Customizable wood species and finish options upon request | Inquire about matching HOLLY HUNT finishes



Walnut Natural
Walnut Natural
Walnut Ebony
Walnut Ebony