CONRAD Window Shades



Ever since CONRAD introduced a new standard of luxury to handwoven natural fiber window coverings over 60 years ago, it has remained at the forefront of style, sustainability, craftsmanship and service. 

Edie Conrad, a former bookkeeper for legendary interior designer Michael Taylor, first developed the line in 1956. The CONRAD Original Sunshade was an instant success with notable designers of the day. Today, CONRAD continues to be the purveyor of choice for the world’s most discerning designers and architects.

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CONRAD Window Shades

The Standard of Luxury for Over 60 Years

CONRAD Window Shades Artistry & Craftsmanship

Unsurpassed Artistry & Craftsmanship

There is no comparison to a CONRAD original. Made to order and handwoven to size using only the finest natural fibers, each shade reflects the mastery of the artist who meticulously created it with precision and detail to ensure its exquisite form and life-enhancing function.

CONRAD Window Shades Sustainability

Sustainable & Socially Responsible

CONRAD’s commitment to offering environmentally conscious products of the highest quality goes back to its foundation. Today, CONRAD’s unique partnership with local growers and artisans keeps the historical craft very much alive and supports self-sufficient and economically viable communities in Southeast Asia.

CONRAD Installation

A Tradition of Service

CONRAD’s designers, artisans and customer-care specialists are hands-on collaborators from ideation through installation and beyond, offering decades of expertise and consistently upholding CONRAD’s reputation for exceptional service.

CONRAD Window Shades

Limitless Custom Capabilities

Each CONRAD shade is a one-of-a-kind designer collaboration, bespoke by its very nature. The combination of over 150 unique weave designs and extensive custom workroom capabilities means designers have the creative freedom to dream, and a partner ready to bring their singular vision to life.

Conrad Sustainability