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The styles, lines, and proportions of our Outdoor collections extend the elegant HOLLY HUNT aesthetic outside the home, creating a seamless visual experience inside and out. Every detail of our Outdoor portfolio is customized and crafted with care, using traditional techniques in fresh, modern ways to achieve our standards of quality and artistry. The materials are substantial—strong enough to live outdoors, yet lightweight, sculptural, and able to blend with surroundings and integrate into a range of environments.

HOLLY HUNT Outdoor Sonoran Collection

Complement the view

HOLLY HUNT Outdoor Keel Dining

Soothe your senses

The Moray Collection was inspired by the vitality of the sea, featuring fluid forms with inviting seating angles and generous cushioning. The designs and materials create an airy sense of suspension, as if they are floating in the landscape. Each piece was mindfully developed to gracefully complement the rest of the collection, expanding its overall versatility and range.

HOLLY HUNT Outdoor Scarab Sun Lounger

Experience the serene

The arid beauty of the desert landscape inspired our Sonoran Collection. Introducing a new vision for materiality, the designs utilize spun cord handwoven in modern, rhythmic patterns. The collection features sculptural forms, appealing textures, and masterful craft, and an array of rich textiles is offered to customize each piece to your specifications.

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