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Ecriture Velvet: Thunder

  • Great Plains Design Christian Astuguevieille
  • Application
    Pile Composition
    100% Rayon
Ecriture Velvet Thunder

Please touch the art

  • A work of art in itself, this pattern translates an iconic Christian Astuguevieille ink painting to a textile.
  • This dynamic cut pile velvet pattern has a three dimensional feel and luxurious sheen.
  • Because of its small scale, this versatile modern pattern can almost be used as a solid.
Christian Astuguevieille


Christian Astuguevieille

A cultural collector, Christian Astuguevieille creates designs inspired by the diverse influences he curates from different eras, geographies and civilizations, both historical and imagined. A highly sensual artist, Astuguevieille’s work – jewelry, perfume, objects, textiles, rugs, furniture – carries an alluring air of mystery. The tactile textures and patina featured in his pieces provide a beautiful counterpoint to signature HOLLY HUNT clean, contemporary designs. His playful work naturally invites people to see spaces and objects in new ways.

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