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Towada Fil: Oyster

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Towada Fil Detail

Sophisticated shapes

  • Towada Fil features both micro and macro variations of a pattern inspired by Japanese tsubas, the guards of katana swards.
  • The design’s sophisticated shapes are reminiscent of the exquisite work of skilled Eastern artisans and explored with tone-on-tone variants.
  • This fabric-backed pattern offers a palette of neutral hues and vivid tones, from Towada Lake in autumn, giving it a soft and warm feel suitable for private and intimate spaces.
Armani Casa Wallcovering


Armani Casa Wallcoverings

The world of Armani Casa reflects the constant yet subtle dialogue between tradition and innovation. With an aesthetic that fuses creativity, beauty and expert craftsmanship, the Armani Casa Exclusive Wallcoverings Collection is created to complement a room’s design with modern accents that add a touch of elegance.