Tacneu Chest

Tacneu Chest

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Christian Astuguevieille


Christian Astuguevieille

A cultural collector, Christian Astuguevieille creates designs inspired by the diverse influences he curates from different eras, geographies and civilizations, both historical and imagined. A highly sensual artist, Astuguevieille’s work – jewelry, perfume, objects, textiles, rugs, furniture – carries an alluring air of mystery. The tactile textures and patina featured in his pieces provide a beautiful counterpoint to signature HOLLY HUNT clean, contemporary designs. His playful work naturally invites people to see spaces and objects in new ways.

Dimensions & Details

Made to Order

Select from options across size, material or finish - 34 to 37 weeks
Natural Hemp Rope
Overall Dimensions
43.3w | 21.7d | 39.4h in (110w | 55d | 100h cm)
Cordage finish/material
Natural Hemp Rope
Finish Notes
Hemp is natural product; color varies based on lot


HOLLY HUNT can customize this piece to suit your project needs. Please contact your Sales Representative to discover more.


Suitable for contract use for low traffic areas
Cleaning & Care
Air out natural hemp rope as soon as possible once received to diffuse odor which can be strong especially on larger pieces. Natural hemp rope is not harmful | Both the natural rope and painted cotton materials should only be cleaned gently by brushing with a soft brush, duster or vacuum nozzle | Do not clean with any liquids other than water on slightly moistened cloth when needed | Do not let water or any other liquids sit on pieces for an extended period or they will stain the rope/cord and cause the adhesive to loosen and the rope or cord to unravel | In general, the pieces are very durable. The painted ones are made with acrylic paint on cotton rope and the natural hemp are made with real hemp, which is very durable in and of itself | In the case of major wear, neglect or unraveling, pieces will need to go back to the workroom in France to be re-roped/re-corded | In the case of minor wear or unraveling, a local furniture repair man can and fix. Glue and nails hold the rope/cord in place | Marine grade wood may be selected and quoted for humid climates to minimize wood movement and to preserve longevity of product | Neither natural rope nor the painted cotton is intended for outside use | Painted cotton cord doesn’t have odor since cord is made of cotton on painted pieces, not hemp


Hemp Rope

Natural Hemp Rope
Natural Hemp Rope