Dawn Architectura

Dawn Architectura

  • Description
    Dawn Architectura depicts a three-sided building viewed from the front, with the viewer positioned at its base during sunrise, employing subtle gradations and inverted hues, including the purples and oranges from Nicolas de Stael’s palette. It conveys the symbolic themes of birth, the beginning of life and the dissipation of darkness.
  • Details
    • Oil on canvas
    • Created:
    • Unique work
    • Signature:
    • Artwork Location:
      New York, New York
    • Commissioned pieces available. Lead time: 12 weeks
    • Available works ship within 2-4 weeks.
    • All artwork is final sale.

  • Overall Dimensions
    Dimensions: 63w | 2d | 51h in
  • Installation Notes
    When moving the artwork, provide support from the back of the canvas rather than gripping or pressing on the front. Lift the canvas using both hands, supporting it evenly from the sides or corners. Avoid lifting by the frame, as this can cause damage. If transporting the artwork, consider using protective coverings such as bubble wrap or cardboard to shield it from bumps and scratches.
    Assembly Required: No
  • Cleaning & Care
    Before handling the artwork, wash your hands thoroughly to remove any dirt, oil or other contaminants. When not on display, store the artwork in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, humidity and extreme temperatures.
    When hanging the artwork, use appropriate hanging hardware and ensure it’s securely attached to the wall. Use a level to ensure it hangs straight. Avoid hanging the artwork near sources of heat, moisture or smoke, as these can damage the canvas over time.
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Vernon Bio



Inspired by Harry Bertoia, Alexander Calder and Sol LeWitt, Vernon infuses his sculptures with movement while capturing the humanity of his characters through simple form. Committed to nature and history, he carves bases from 17th-century stones and 18th-century timber, and his Architectura painting series employs 17th-century Flemish glazing techniques to create minimal, abstract and colorful paintings, reflecting his dedication to anonymity as a kind of contemporary freedom.

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