Aurora Folding Screen

Aurora Folding Screen

Aurora Folding Screen

Aurora Folding Screen

Jewels for the room

  • London-based designers McCollin Bryan translated their iconic Lens Table into a jewel-laden folding screen, an exclusive for HOLLY HUNT.
  • The elegance of the soft colors and oval shapes—made of highly polished resin backed with a tinted mirror—can be customized in either monochrome or mixed color combinations.
McCollin Bryan Founders Don McCollin and Maureen Bryan


McCollin Bryan

The tactile, sculptural furniture of British design team Don McCollin and Maureen Bryan comes to the HOLLY HUNT portfolio with a mutual devotion to materials, shape and function.

Their backgrounds in textiles and ceramics have led to a distinctive portfolio of designs. They work with traditional materials and processes such as scagliola which has been used since Roman times and was popular in the 18th century to imitate marble. Working with a small team of assistants in their London workshop, McCollin and Bryan utilize resins, plasters, metals and wood.

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