• Description
    Anke Blaue strikes a contemporary note in this cobalt composition painted on antique linen, a primary material in all her pieces. Blaue works solely with handmade fabrics and antique linens, which in many cases had ancient use. Her creative process is both preservation and exploration. It begins with the materiality of the fabric, its structure, thickness and natural color, which are then combined with color and composition. The results are works that tell a richly textural story through a modern lens.
  • Details
    • Acrylic on linen
    • Created:
    • Unique work
    • Signature:
    • Artwork Location:
      Los Angeles, California
    • Commissioned pieces available. Lead time: 2-3 weeks
    • Available works ship within 2-4 weeks.
    • All artwork is final sale.

  • Overall Dimensions
    Dimensions: 51w | 2d | 67h in
  • Installation Notes
    When moving the artwork, provide support from the back of the canvas rather than gripping or pressing on the front. Lift the canvas using both hands, supporting it evenly from the sides or corners. Avoid lifting by the frame, as this can cause damage. If transporting the artwork, consider using protective coverings such as bubble wrap or cardboard to shield it from bumps and scratches.
    Assembly Required: No
  • Cleaning & Care
    Before handling the artwork, wash your hands thoroughly to remove any dirt, oil or other contaminants. When not on display, store the artwork in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, humidity and extreme temperatures.
    When hanging the artwork, use appropriate hanging hardware and ensure it’s securely attached to the wall. Use a level to ensure it hangs straight. Avoid hanging the artwork near sources of heat, moisture or smoke, as these can damage the canvas over time.
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Anke Blaue Fine Art for HOLLY HUNT


Anke Blaue

Anke Blaue trained in wood sculpting in Germany and Carrara, Italy, and collaborated with abstract expressionist sculptor Philip Pavia. She later studied art in Düsseldorf and was mentored by Bruno Fonseca in Barcelona, where Blaue explored the “universalismo constructive” of Joaquín Torres-García, integrating principles learned from old masters into her work, spanning figurative and abstract sculptures, collages and paintings.

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