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Elizabeth Lyons

Elizabeth Lyons Portrait

Award-winning sculptor and designer Elizabeth Lyons approaches the design of lighting and decorative objects from a sculptural point of view. “As an object in a cool solid state, you can see the evidence of its past as a liquid that has been frozen in that precise moment of creation, whether blown, cast, sculpted or pressed into its current form. The beauty of glass lies in its rawness.” Lyons’ designs include jars, vessels, lighting and one-of-a-kind decorative and sculptural objects that have been showcased in residential and commercial applications, as well as fine restaurants and leading hotels. She has been commissioned by top interior designers and architects worldwide, and published in leading design publications and books, including The New York Times, ELLE Decoration, Architectural Digest and Vogue, to name a few.

Big Jar, Pale Jewels
Botanical Vessel