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HOLLY HUNT Studio is where our celebrated collections of furniture and lighting are made. It’s where creativity is free to flourish and where our designers explore possibilities and push boundaries—all in the eager pursuit of innovative design, the very cornerstone of what we do.

Our Studio Collections gracefully balance precise proportions, restrained shapes and natural materiality—and deliver on our promise of impeccable design, enduring quality and meticulous craftsmanship. Each piece invites customization and makes an undeniable creative statement.

HOLLY HUNT Studio Dyad Cocktail Table

Design. Quality. Craftsmanship.

HOLLY HUNT Studio Shadow Dining Table and Chairs

Materials and makers matter

Her passions for travel and fine arts led our founder Holly Hunt to form what guides the Studio today: a commitment to exquisite materiality and unsurpassed craftsmanship.

To keep that commitment, we take an authentic approach to materials, sourcing the finest wood, stone, glass and metal, and developing finishes that showcase the natural, artisanal qualities of each.

When it comes to craftsmanship, we take no shortcuts. We partner with brilliant artists and artisans and use the best fabrication techniques and processes—to masterfully create furniture and lighting, all made primarily in the USA.

As a result, each piece is beautifully refined and richly detailed.

HOLLY HUNT Studio Playa Sectional Sofa

Designed to customize

The piece of furniture or lighting you choose should be the perfect fit—whether that means modifying the dimensions for a specific space or meeting a client’s exacting needs. To ensure that happens, all HOLLY HUNT Studio pieces are designed to allow full customization, and our team is always ready to collaborate on solutions that complete a creative vision.

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